4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Vintage Fashion

We’re always hearing that “old is gold,” and this phrase has never been truer than when it comes to vintage fashion. Vintage fashion has been booming lately, and it’s undoubtedly for good reason. Items are considered vintage when they’re 20-100 years older than the current time. And what an astounding thing it is to be able to wear an iconic vintage item that has lived through many eras and traveled through time, with each item having a unique story to tell! In addition to making you stand out from the crowd with these one-of-a-kind pieces, vintage fashion is becoming more and more popular for many reasons. Here are some reasons you should decide to go vintage as well and join the cool crowd!

You’re an environmentally conscious queen.

All our environmentally conscious queens know the harmful effects fast fashion has on our environment. Fast fashion is called by that name for a reason; you buy an item of clothing that either becomes out of style by the next season or falls apart after a few wears because of how it was designed. Fast fashion is not meant to last, so you can continue buying more and more items as you discard the old ones and the vicious cycle continues.

Choosing pre-loved items means no new garments will be produced, which is the most polluting stage of the entire process. Going for vintage pieces, you help reduce waste caused by all the manufacturing and mass production of garments. Not to mention, vintage fashion prevents both labor exploitation and animal exploitation.

You appreciate high-quality products.

While we’re on the topic of sustainability, there’s nothing more sustainable than vintage fashion. Before modern-day disposable fashion wear took over, most vintage items back in the good ol’ days were actually made to last. Their quality is much better than items produced nowadays and therefore, they have stood and can stand the test of time. When purchasing vintage pieces, you can be assured that they will last for many more years to come.

You don’t want to spend a fortune.

Vintage items are often cheaper than modern items. If you’re on a budget and don’t want to splurge on luxury items, you can find luxury designer pieces at a much lower price than new ones. “What? You mean I can have higher quality items at a cheaper cost?” Yes, this is exactly what we’re saying! Hard to say no to that deal, isn’t it?

You’re all about uniqueness
& self-expression.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and look as fashionable as ever while doing it, vintage is one way to go. It’s guaranteed that you will be wearing a one-of-a-kind item that no one else owns. Unique vintage items can’t be found among racks of reproductions in different sizes and colors, so you know you will be wearing something that people haven’t seen before. And what a lovely feeling it is when someone compliments you on a rare piece you’re wearing that reflects your unique and refined taste.

Vintage wear can be timeless, elegant, and luxurious. It reflects your individuality, the past, and its stories. Be part of this incredible movement and express your taste with one of our classic vintage pieces.

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