At the core of our business is a deep commitment to authenticity. With so many fraudulent sellers and counterfeit luxury items circulating on the internet, we absolutely ensure that you have an authentic item. We work with world-renowned highly experienced authentication professionals. To that effect, all items undergo a thorough authentication process that includes an in-person and multi-touch review process performed by our team of experts with 20+ years of experience.

We have zero tolerance for counterfeit items, and we meticulously inspect the items upon receipt. We make it our top priority to ensure that every single product goes through rigorous quality control procedures following the guidelines of the luxury brands. Our authenticity process includes our expertise in evaluating manufacturing date codes, serial numbers, logo placements, stampings, interior and exterior materials used, hardware, zippers, seams, stitching, color codes, interior tags, and more.

We have also partnered with Entrupy to use cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology which is backed by the Entrupy Financial Guarantee. If you’re curious to learn more about their authentication process, check out For accessories, sunglasses, or rare vintage items, we also partnered with other trusted authentication companies and experts in the field to further guarantee the authenticity of our items.

We are confident about the products we sell. In the unlikely event of an item being counterfeit/inauthentic, we guarantee 100% money-back with delivery costs fully covered. We offer a LIFETIME money-back guarantee if an item is proved inauthentic.

We promise our buyers a transparent and honest experience at The Nostalgia Club as your trusted platform to buy 100% authentic pre-owned luxury items.