Scene Styled Interview

In an exclusive interview with Scene Styled, a subsidiary of Cairo Scene online magazine, Hatoon Abdullatif, the visionary founder of Jeddah’s beloved vintage boutique, The Nostalgia Club, shared her inspiring journey of curating rare and timeless designer pieces. With a meticulous selection of pre-loved luxury fashion, Hatoon’s store offers a sustainable and enchanting shopping experience. Each exquisite garment carries a rich history, having been adorned by fashion elites throughout time. From iconic labels like Chanel, Dior, Hermes, and Gucci, The Nostalgia Club’s collection is a captivating amalgamation of vintage Prada to Y2K YSL. The store, founded in honor of Hatoon’s parents, beautifully blends her mother’s passion for luxury fashion and her father’s commitment to sustainability. Hatoon’s degree in luxury management from Switzerland has allowed her to transform her love for vintage luxury into a sanctuary where the past is celebrated and cherished. With a branch in Jeddah’s Homegrown Market and another in Dubai’s Les Spot, The Nostalgia Club’s future openings remain an exciting mystery.

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