How to Style Vintage Sunglasses for a Modern Look

Incorporating vintage sunglasses into your modern wardrobe is a creative and distinctive way to infuse some retro fashion. Here are some helpful tips to achieve a chic and current look with vintage sunglasses.

1. Choose a frame that suits your face

Vintage sunglasses have many shapes and styles, you should try different frames on your face to see what fits you the best, is it the round one? Or the Aviator one? Each one’s face shape has a unique frame to suit it.

2. Mix and Match

Want to add a modern look to your vintage piece? Don’t be afraid to add your classic item to your modern collection, it can be a leather jacket, or a trendy sundress!

3. Retro Chic

Why don’t go all vintage? It’s a look that I bet anyone else in the room will be looking the same! You can wear a high-waisted pants with a vintage bag too to complement your look!

4. Perfectly choose your accessories

Think of what accessories will suit the sunglasses you’re wearing. If there’s an orange line in your sunglasses for example, wear an orange scarf for a funky and stylish look!

5. Confidence is the key!

No matter how stylish your sunglasses are, wearing confidence is the key! Be confident and proud of your uniqueness for the best look.

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